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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alliance Motorsport news updates

Hey g’day there!

Would you believe this is a serious update? Well occasionally it happens that we have some serious news so…….

Firstly, I am plotting a front page change. There’s a front page? Indeed, yes. And a badly out of date one. Mainly because the cars depicted on it are very much out of date. The 240SX of Chris is gettign a heart transplant, Peter’s RX2 is in the middle of an enormous rebuild and I’ve replaced the VR4 with a true monster – a 2004 STI.  And we have added Sarah and Jess to the team.

Second, I am goign to go through the content fairly closely. The photogallery – is getting some updates and new features. Why not visit and leave a comment? The Gallery is simply enormous with all sorts of content – the main motorsport gallery holds 10000 pictures and growing. Please note, this is our content and is copyrighted – just because it is on the web doesnt mean it’s public domain. We are very resonable about usage however – if we have taken a picture of your car or you…. hey, knock yourself out. And if you want a much bigger high quality picture, then just ask and give contact details. Your car or you, I dont see why you cant use it.

Motorsport publications – contact us as well for rights of use.

Personal use – contact us if f you would like a bigger image. Personal use for wallpapers or your own personal use – yep!

Commerical use – You must agree to a rights of use by the photographer. All rights are reserved and we will not be happy if we find our work wrongly attributed or used for commercial purposes without permission. Our lawyers (Sue Grabbit and Run) will be happy – I suspect you wont be.

Anyway, I think we are being resonable 🙂

Third, we are going to start to introduce a bit more of an update schedule and new features. We will also offer free access for use if you talk to us – and also video!

And fourth…… getting the hell back in the forest. Yes, we are not just rally fans – we compete and love the sport.

As an aside, it amuses me greatly that Google has us ranked No 1 for Alliance Motorsport! Yes, we are your top rated Alliance Motorsport of the world… not that I suspect that would be hard….. and I can add this has been our business name for now 15 years. Our name, our beer.

See you out there in a forest somewhere,


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