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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

New release coming – DnD 5e Rally Edition

Rally Driver cast Fireball using Antilag equipped rally car which then gives Rally Driver a free Thunderclap bonus action. For melee combat Rally Driver have rapid use Slingshot from Tyres that throws 10d6 stones in the general direction of spectactors, they take half damage on a successful dexerity roll or no damage if behind full cover.

While equipped with Rally Car, do full damage to Skippy and Koala monsters while Tree inflcits 20d8 if while oversteering around corner fail a acrobatics roll where Tree is on apex or on corner exit. Gravel does not count as difficult terrain while equipped with Hankook Dynapro R211. A +2 to armour class while equipped with helmet with FIA 8859-2015 construction.

Rally driver comes with companion Co-Driver who has +10 to location checks and can summon at least 3 Mechanics as a healing spell in a short rest, four times a day.

CR 25 Robot Loeb. On a failed dex roll, Robot Loeb can choose Demonic Intervention to gain advantage and reroll. Robot Loeb has three Legendary actions per round


Level 3 Co-Driver spell
On a failed location roll, a Co-Driver can cast this spell to gain guidance to present location.

The Farce

Level 9 Driver spell

A Driver may use this to inexplicably have a complete disaster somehow still work and finish the event. Similar to a Wish spell, take 4 points of exhaustion if effect is outsode of lower level spells and 33% chance of never being able to cast The Farce again.

Need supplies? Matt’s Magical Market is your place to go, where the legendary Artificer Matthew wil conjure the part you need to keep your Rally Car in working order as well as supply your rallying adventure party

Some time ago I multiclassed with Media and took the Photographer feat. I could do that as my “F****** Insane” stat was high enough and could stand on apexes to dodge rally cars successfully

I’ve been inspired by a bard to create Alliance Motorsports Road Director’s guide. The perfect compainion book to the FIA Standing regulations that all good Road Directors should accquire to hepl and guide their adventure and his/her competitors

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