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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Of car clubs and things

Hello blog, missed you 🙂

Yep, we aint ded yet as Nanny Ogg would be want to say. That’s a good thing. Work is busy, finally getting some sort of finances in order, the kitties and Miss Jess rock and I’m cycling heavily again. In many ways it’s going pretty all right this year. And Obama is back, which is also a very good thing. Seen the other jerk running for the job?

However one area that I find myself in the last few months restraining myself from punching the shit out of a wall in anger and frustration at the blatant stupidty is car clubs and CAMS. I would normally keep this under the lid and leave the E/N bullshit alone but there’s just too many times where I find I have problems restrainign my temper at it all, I think it would be better to simply put it out there once and then walk away.

The thing that is pissign me off big time is the idiots that seem to think car clubs are worth being jerks about. A car club is at it’s base simply a group of people who enjoy a common interest – in my case Subarus. It’s pretty simpe, right? You would think so but for some reason there’s been too mnay times I know of that people Take. It. Too. Seriously. then go through lengths to ruin the enjoyment others have of the club that really have utterly no place in anythign short of politics. Real politics I add….. with real parliments and real issues to fight over. Sure politics is a petty sport in itself but the issues are actually real and substantive in a large degree. What on EARTH is there in a car club that justifies the political games some play just to…. I dunno… settle a percieved personal slight?

(In this case what happened was perfectly justified. Trolling and delibertly inflaming other Is. Not. On. and frankly when you get called on it, be a real man and change your ways, rather than be a dickhead and screw over a bunch of people)

Let alone the legalities but….. I wont go there as what I’m saying next is actually the most important point and the one that is pissing me most off.

What is truly obnoxious is whiteanting and lying about people behind their back. Outright lies are just not on, not in a car club. Think about it – this is something we come together for to ENJOY, not to be liars, slanderers and being asshats to get other. Sure, I know my way does get peopel somewhat turned off, but I have the coruage of my convictions to be open and to call a spade a spade. In the end, a lot of people realsie I truly am nothing personal and you can have a drink with me and a good chat. Where I turn out usually to be respectful and put my views across with as much reason as I can. Lying and white anting is somethign I do not view favorably – the lies bit especially. Plus – car club. Strictly volunteer. It’s not a business, it’s a thing to share common interests. Volunteers are hard to get and the work they do is much more than most would realise. A bit of respect should be given and some leeway – most volunteers really do have the right intentions and do their best. Volunteers are the lifeblood of a car club and hacking away at the peopel who do the work is A BAD THING, wether you think of them personally, at least respect their work.

The point ofthis diatribe is that the actions of lies, petty politics and outright hostility burns out the volunteers and also ….. coem on peopel, it s a car club. It’s for ENJOYING cars. And believe me, that’s really what I want to do, I bleed WRC Blue and I really just want to get dirty with my Subarus. I love racing them, building them and even transforming my much loved WRX into eventually something as I really, truly think will do Natalie justice.

But the truth is right now all I can think of is throwing a chair at someone, because I REALLY dont like being lied about. I’ve had enough of this garbage and I’m genuinely at the point that if one more person just anything out of line, I’m going to do soemthign rash and dramabomb. Frankly all anyone had to do was just shut the hell up. That’s. All. But they havent left well alone and I’m at the end of what I will tolerate. And that’s quite a lot more than you might think.

I really just want to enjoy my cars. I just want to have fun with like minded enthusists. I did not sign up for this crap. I will NOT tolerate a single thing more that gets in the way of enjoying the cars I love so much. I’ve had it to the back teeth of car club politics.

I know a few of you have been though similar. It’s pathetic, I know. And it happens in any number of car clubs.

But in the end…. I’m out. It’s just a car club. It’sd not worth hurling chairs about. I am going to enjoy my cars and those that want to be petty liars and petty idiots, go fuck yourselves. I’m done with even talking to you because you just do not get it. You are the problem and you are the ones that destroy car clubs and motorsport.

I’m goign to ride my bikes for a bit because I always feel a load better. Sure I can be a asshat myself, but I like being able to look myself in the mirror. I also rather look forward to gettign Natalie back out there late next year because…… isnt that the whole point? Love the things that you love and be honest with yourself and others?

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