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Monday, March 13, 2006

Don’t Try: Homestead 12 March 2006, RallyCross

Well, another month, another Sunday Rallycross at Homestead where I destroy my best official time in the fun run by 6+ seconds. I need to always remember that if I try I will overdrive, and that my subconcious and body are familiar enough with my car that they will do a much better job of driving than my concious mind ever will. My concious mind’s job now is simply cone locator and route determination.

I know I promised in car for this event, but my ghetto camera mount broke and the footage it captured before it did looked like utter shit. The camera my friend let me borrow is worthless for quick motion, and I simply don’t have the funds for a decent one.

Anyway, the weather was pretty nice, topping out around 83 (28C) on the reflective white mix of ooglite and sand. I showed up around 815 and got to work changing my tires. I purchased some SPF 50 on the way down so I was protected from our favorite ball of gas, so no sunburn this time, hooray. But something was wrong. I felt weird, like my brain needed to take a giant shit or something. My head was full of fluff and my body was doped on a mix of tired and light adrenaline, which for me is the absolute worst state to get anything done. I plied my trade with the competency of someone who’s never raced before but thinks they know what they are doing for the first two runs. The times are frankly embarrassing and the only thing that makes me feel better is many of the other regulars felt that the course was a lot slower than it looked and was extrodinarily easy to overdrive.

Lunch rolled around. Lunch turns me into a thing that lets me pretend to be competent and human, and my post-Lunch times were flat out superior and not actually embarrassing. With a full belly and a light need to piss, I let go some. The very curvey course became fluid and more natural. Except for a missed shift on the last run, I was pretty satisfied with the whole thing until I again nuked my time on the fun run.

So yeah, don’t try.

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