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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Where was I? Oh yeah, something about going to ride bikes……

Annnnnnd Good LORD have I ever!


(P.S. Lying Scum – UP YOURS! HAHAHAHAHAHA I’m not fat anymore – I rather fit! :D)


Actually I gotten a bit serious about them. More carbon fibre than a F1 grid now, from a Roubaix Comp to a Epic Marathon XC racer, it’s all looking very different now in the garage. Still got a WRX but the day to day is a V8 Commodore. And with that, I think I might change focus for a while and write about the local trails, which there are many of! I have the cycling weaponry to make for a good day out indded.


Rallying? Kaptain Ballistik does that, I’m out for a while. The bikes arent cheap you know…. and they do consume a lot of time. Well worth it tho. I even know some sekret trails now!


When the place aint burning down, I’m writing some trail reviews. There’s a lot of good MTB areas around here that I think would be neat to show off and rate. I’m thinking about rating three ways –

1) Beginner. Basically if the trail is easy for someone to get into. So for instance Springwood Cemetery / Golf Course has a few trails, the main fire trail is 4/5 for a beginner. Easy enough but still got a few areas that can catch you.

2) Climbing. Frankly I’m no downhiller but I firmly believe you have to EARN the downhill anyway. That means you climb. If you cant climb GTFO. So for this something like the notorious Anderson’s climb gets 8.5/10. What, you think that’s the best climb around here? Hardly! Bee’s Nest, now THAT’S more like it. Steep, twisty, large elevation change, 9.5/10. Bees Nest is  1/5 for a beginner, it’s a bitch.

3) Challenge / Fun. Very subjective, some I like you wont. A lot of people love Woodford to Glenbrook…. I’m okay with that one but Anderson’s is way more fun as well as a challenge. Combined I hope to do soon, I hear that’s a hell of a ride. Anderson’s by itself? 9/10 for sure.

So thence a trail gets three scores – Andersons rates highly. It’s a challenge, but it’s actually fairly accessible to a beginner and it’s got a great climb. And it’s fun.


Lets see how I go with this this!



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