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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Cat Boostu

You… never heard of Cat Boostu(tm)????

Well lemme explain whats going on here!


Now Maddie and Ed here are what you call a Compound Cat setup. To begin with you need a bonded cat pair else the boost pressure rises too much and you get bits cat being blown out the litter box. So once you find a set of cats thats compatible, you can create a compound setup where one cat compliments each other. In this case you got a small light cat thats very fast to come up to speed, so thats perfect for low rpm functions. Given there is low mass there’s also not much gravity can do against it and can get into rev ranges and closest is normally too high for a regular. The other cat is still small but she is heavier and comes on speed later with encouragement from the smaller faster cat. This setup is relativity good on fuel and also good for install on smaller laps, laptop keyboards or home routers.


Jack on the other hand is a Big Single Cat setup. Doesnt respond well initially but after huge exhausts is capable of massive power and house wreckage. Not very fuel efficent and messy near the dinner bowls as well as having EPA issues. More of a torque monster that also has high power to weight even for his mass that while not anywhere near as negligent about gravitional effect has the kind of torque that can climb the fuck out of trees, people, chairs, towers and skyrises. Not good for small install areas, needs space so beds, lounges and large laps is his preferred install areas. Also not good in hot situations. Interestingly also goes well with small kittens and has much talent in teaching the way of Cat Boostu as well as House Carnage

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