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Saturday, October 28, 2006

This is Antilag – taking the piss out of Motorsport

Good evening reader…. and much to my surprise there’s more than one of you, according to the logs. Of course that could be my cat using a proxy to make me feel better, but in the unlikely event that be true, there’s more than one reader out there. So to you all, g’day

It’s been a while since I’ve done an admin note, but I suppose it’s a good idea now and then to explain what the fuck this is all about. Antilag is Alliance Motorsport’s blog where we crow about how good we are (which no one gives a shit about) and more importantly, where we also take the piss out of motorsport, or that’s the way it’s beginning to develop. The Rally Predictions I do on BMSC and occasionalyl here are proving if not popular, enjoyable for most to read so I guess I’ll expand it out and make an effort to skewer motorsport where it deserves it.

Motor racing is Serious Business for most of us. It’s good to be reminded of that with some barbed humour and mocking. Now, I cant promise every word will be laugh out loud, but I can promise better- it will be entertaining and worth the read.  I will attempt to write something once a week at the very least, more if I can get support, articles, some pointers to some things to laugh at

I can say you may be offended now and then, grossed out maybe….. well look, the rules here are…. you do what WE say. So we will do as we like and if you dont like it, dont read.

But if you do like it, check back in regularly and also if you really, really like us, why not spread the word? The more here, the more I’ll provide content and the more here, the better the community is. Link us everywhere and join in the fun.

Because you know, serious things need to be taken the piss out of.


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