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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some advice about America

Prompted by this article I read in the NSWWRX’s online chat group…

Trailer Trash = one step on the evolution scale below NASCAR fans. Which given the quivering mass of Budweiser (VOMIT) swilling mass of mouth breathers that is the typical NASCAR fan, that’s a pretty big call, I know.

And while I’m at it, may I make a public service announcement and advise if your ever in the USA, do NOT drink Budweiser. It is not a mistake to name it as worse than Fosters on the scale of bottled cat pee that tries to mislead consumers calling itself beer. In fact, I am sure my intestine still wants to strangle me for putting it through that kind of abuse.

There are many good things about America, dont get me wrong. The Beer and coffee they serve aint even close to being good and should be, for the sake of one’s longevity, not be consumed, but used in hand to hand combat.

P.S I deny all rumours that I sell the urine from my cats as Budweiser. I cant figure out how to get it into the bottles to begin with without choking in disgust…….

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