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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Not exactly the best year for rallying

One of the things I guess that surprises me is that rallying is as safe as it is. Yes, it is, the cages, harness and seats makes a rally car one hell of a safe place to have a mind blowing crash. Usually, you can just walk or occasionally limp away. However, this year saw the death of Michael Park, a very popular and successful co-driver. He died in a collision with a tree while calling the notes for Marrko Martin, who’s future has to be in doubt. This was the first death in 12 years to the day at WRC level- Roger Freeth died at Rally Australia and of course the tragic post-it note of that is the driver there, Possum Bourne died in a recce accident in New Zealand 10 years later at the Race to the Clouds.

Now, in 1986 when Group B was about, there were quite a few deaths, but since then it’s been pretty good. Park’s death was a shock and a reminder it could happen to anyone.

News today however to me was more surprising – in a way deaths on-stage arent something you want but they happen. At any championship level it happens because while the cars are very safe, you are travellign at very high speeds and if you go off, you stand a good chance of hitting somethign very solid. Normal road cars wouldnt stand a chance. Now, before I sidetrack myself, the point today of this entry was that Richard Burns died. Not in a car, but from cancer. That really doesnt seem fair for someone who was young and highly talented to be taken by cancer and not doing something he loved.

Is that a bit…. morbid of a comment? I dont know. But, Park died quickly doing what he was good at. Burn’s life was sucked away over two years most unfairly and I dare say most distressingly by a silent killer. I know which way I would prefer to exit this world.

Anyway, may both of you rest in peace.

Hopefully next time there’ll be some good news to type about.

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