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Monday, November 28, 2005

Top Gear

Fuck, some of my passwords are stupid to remember. Right tho…

The new season of Top Gear is on. Ep1 was unbelieveably funny, Ep2 was cool – but this episode was flat out damn gorgeous. Three supercars crossing some insane bridge in France – gave me wood. Oh man, did it ever. It made me want to be there. to experience the howls of the motors, the visual specticle, the sheer… audacity of it all.

It also reminds me exactly why Top Gear rules all other motoring shows. They understand cars are about passion and sometimes logic just has no place in it all. It’s about that time early in the morning where the noise of your motor bounces off the cliff, you hear it snarl and echo as you heel toe it and then blast off as the sun peaks it’s way over the horizion. I want to do that one day, get one of these snarling v12’s and let it rip. Hear it, experience it. Let it chill my blood with the sheer intensity. Sure, I got two extraordinarily fast bits of machinery, but they dont have the wicked feel of a supercar. The HOLY FUCK I’M ALIVE! moment.

One day maybe. I can always dream, right?

And that’s why Top Gear is my favorite show. Long may it give us the HOLY FUCK I’M ALIVE! moments for us to share.

On an personal note……. Man I’m becoming a bitter bastard in regards to some things. Women, church….. Oh dont get me wrong I like both but there’s so much… AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH about it all. I dont really like how I feel like I’m some sort of disease ridden bit of refuse in a church all because I’ve had happen that most un-Christian thing called a marrage break up. Oh Christian’s arent supposed to divorce! Well fuck, we do. Bad shit happens to us too. I love God but His followers…. lemme get back to on that some other time.

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