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Monday, November 28, 2005

I keep on forgetting to do this….

Not tonight!

What the ever living fuck is Alliance Motorsport?

Alliance Motorsport was originally a bit of a running gag I used to write about. Think of all the undesireables, the rejects, the guys with cars that upset the toffy noses and pollute the air with foul belching, but are stupid fast anyway and piss off as many people as possible – that was The Unholy Alliance. Basically if you annoyed the ‘in’ crowd, your with us. And of course get a bunch of misfits together and mayhem usually is a result. And believe me, in the early days it was. Come to think of it, still is.

The Unholy Alliance morphed into The Alliance (UnHoly doesnt… quite sit well with God Botherers) and changed as peopel did things liek get married and have babies. Still, the core of myself, Adiran Rowe and Peter remained with fringers like Keith popping up now and then. We even have it registered as a business name. Still just as mad and still going all out to annoy and piss off people with the fact we like to have fun in our motorsport.

What the difference is these days is we often win and our cars are actually fast and rather better built.

Today’s Alliance is a bit more of a spread out affair. I’m in Australia and my Alliance name is Cat Terrist, Peter is in Engalnd and goes by Kaptain Ballistik. Chris is Wrar and he’s in the USA. John (Hunter Devourer) is also an Aussie. Keith (the Great Resonable Chicken Deity) sorta is dropped off the planet. Adrian is called Ugly Pills, is in Melbourne and not really doing much. We dont really have as many fringe members as we used to but you know, I think that’ll sort itself out once again. Oh there’s also James but I aint seen him about in a loooooong time.

So there you are a brief history of Alliance Motorsport. And yes, we are beginning to look to getting new idiots to join up. As long as your out to have as much fun and go as sideways as possible, hopefulyl while annoying the living fuck outta the ultra serious posers…… you’ll be quite at home here.

And now I better sod off for the evening.

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